Senior Dog Reportedly Left To Die Beneath Crumbling House Saved by Good Samaritan

A severely neglected senior dog from Hawaii will be able to live out the remainder of her life in a happy household, thanks to a team of good Samaritans who saved her.

One look at the face of the malnourished, sad dog told PAWS of Hawaii staff all they needed to know about this poor dog’s history. She had been neglected and mistreated for most, if not all of her life.

When the dog was found, she was trying to get herself out of danger as the house she had been sleeping underneath was being demolished.

“Her owner wanted to ‘do away with her,’” PAWS of Hawaii staff wrote in a Facebook post dated Oct. 31.

“She had already faced years of neglect. Given them her puppies and all her heart. Yet she was discarded with the rest of the rubble,” the organization wrote.

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The dog’s body was not much more than skin and bones. She had lost her hair and scarcely had any strength left to stand on her own.

If the building demolition had not taken the dog’s life, she likely would not have had the strength or will to survive very long on her own.

“Fortunately a Good Samaritan saw the hairless, lethargic dog crawling out and put out a call for help with the community,” PAWS of Hawaii wrote.

It was all hands on deck to turn this pitiful dog’s life around, with help coming from animal lovers across the island. Local veterinarian Kelly Dowdall-Garberson immediately agreed to assess the dog’s medical needs, the first step toward the ailing dog’s healing.

Staff members named the dog Briar Rose and noticed how eager she was to receive human love right from the start.

“She laid her head against Jenna’s leg begging for love, then continued over to Jack as if to say ‘mahalo for saving me, I am now safe!’” the organization wrote.

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Animal advocates rallied around Briar Rose, providing her with mountains of healthy food, a cozy new bed and a loving foster family.

After a lifetime of living in the shadow of loneliness, Briar Rose found herself showered with the warmth of a community.

On Nov. 3, PAWS of Hawaii posted a video update of the pooch, who was relaxing on a soft bed and cozy blankets.

“Mahalo to all those who have loved on her and sent her love and prayers,” the organization wrote.

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