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A judge has blasted a ‘wicked mother’ as he jailed her for three years today for letting her husband rape and impregnate her daughter when she was just 12 years old.

The victim’s stepfather, 44, repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted her between the ages of 12 and 16.

She had fallen pregnant twice by the age of 13 and was forced to have three abortions, the court was told.

The girl’s mother, 50, was banned from ever seeing her daughter or any of her grandchildren again, after she allowed the abuse to continue for fear her husband would end their relationship. He was sentenced to 20 years behind bars.

Before the couple were jailed at Aylesbury Crown Court today, Judge Francis Sherdian told the mother: ‘It is time somebody told you to your face – and I will: You were a wicked mother.

‘When your daughter complained, her complaints were dismissed. You will take that dismissal to the grave. You betrayed your daughter to stand by your husband.’

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The court heard how the abuse started when the victim was just 10 years old on a family holiday to Southport in 2003.

The victim, who lived with her mother and stepdfather in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, desperately pleaded with her mother, referred to as the second defendant, but she did nothing about it.

When the mother burst into tears today as she appeared via video link to receive her sentence for neglect, Judge Sheridan told her: ‘The tears you shed are for yourself. I do not think any of them are for your daughter.

‘I am not in any way influenced. You have not shown any sign of remorse.

‘She [your daughter] has gone through what can only be described as a life of hell.

‘There must have been times in her young life where there appeared to be almost no remission from abuse.’

The court also heard how the stepfather, referred to as the first defendant, allowed his brother to be alone with his stepdaughter despite him spending time in a mental hospital.

The brother also raped the victim and when the stepfather found out what happened, he allowed him to see her again, the court was told.

Prosecuting, Angus Robertson, described an incident when the stepfather raped the young girl while they were in the living room watching football on TV.

The court was told the mother asked what they were doing, to which he replied ‘nothing’.

Nothing more was said of the matter, but the victim insisted the mother knew and continued to do nothing.

Mr Robertson continued: ‘When she was aged 12 years, she found she was pregnant.

‘She had a termination of the pregnancy. She did not want to have that termination.

‘The first defendant told the second defendant that if the pregnancy wasn’t terminated he would end the relationship and leave her.

‘The second defendant always insisted that a young man was responsible and the girl should tell the boy he was the father.

‘The first defendant continued to have regular intercourse with the victim after that termination.

‘She became pregnant again when she was 13 years old, told her mother the father was the first defendant and said they could have her child.

‘Both defendants were attempting to have a child of their own. Her mother considered this, but told her to ‘get rid of it’.’

The judge said two of the girl’s pregnancies were undoubtedly the result of her stepfather raping her but there were questions over the third.

The girl had, in her own words, become ‘wayward’ as a result of the abuse and taken boyfriends from a very young age, he added.

Addressing the stepfather, a bald man who appeared in a white shirt via video link, and kept his head bowed throughout, Judge Sheridan said: ‘You were a thoroughly evil and wicked step-father. Let’s call it exactly what it is. That is the finding of the jury.

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‘The jury believed your step-daughter. That is her first step to recovery from a life of hell inflicted by you, with the sex drive of a monster.

‘You treated your step-daughter as an object. If you wanted sexual contact, she had to deliver and the poor little thing was scared to say anything and when she did, her complaints were dismissed.

‘A little girl, an innocent little girl, corrupted and for those years whilst under your care, her life was ruined.’

Their trial was told the girl’s mother realised the abuse was happening in April 2003, but she refused to believe her daughter and took no steps to protect her for the next four years.

It was only years later that the daughter found the courage to complain to police but her mother and stepfather denied all the charges brought against them.

In a victim impact statement, the daughter told how she felt like she could not breathe as she took to the stand in front of the jury.

Judge Sheridan added: ‘Her whole life has been trawled through in the course of this case.’

The mother burst into tears as her husband was jailed for 20 years for the rapes and indecent assaults and she awaited her own sentence for neglect.

The judge told her: ‘Your first marriage was violent, I am prepared to accept that. You then married your second husband, who was a complete brute.

‘For reasons of nature and no other, you were unable to have a baby and he turned to your flesh and blood to satisfy his sexual desires.

‘You played a part in hiding it because you were set to blame any boyfriend that you thought might fit the bill.

‘That was wicked because your daughter made it clear they were not the father – but you dismissed it.

‘She had to undergo a number of terminations and she did so for certain at the hands of your husband. Your own little girl’s complaints, she turned to you to make.’

The sentencing was delayed from Friday after the mother suffered a panic attack.

The judge said he would have sentenced her to four years behind bars but he reduced it to three because her daughter had spoken out in mitigation for her during the trial.

He added: ‘She conceded that on occasions you could be a kind mother but it is outweighed at least on those counts by your hard approach to your daughter.

‘She wants no further contact with you. She wants you out of her life.’

He sentenced her to three years imprisonment for neglect and put a restraining order forbidding all contact between her and the daughter or her grandchildren, which would be in force indefinitely.

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