College Football Player Changes Last Name, Stepdad Overcome with Emotion When He Reads Jersey

Throughout the history of humankind, names have carried an immense weight to someone’s identity.

The Bible kept track of Abraham’s descendants to show God’s faithfulness through Jesus’ familial origins.

Today, last names are part of how we identify ourselves as related to our loved ones.

For a Samford University football player, however, his last name didn’t match that of the parents who raised him.

In fact, it hadn’t for a number of years.

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That all changed earlier this month.

In an emotional video posted to the the Samford athletic department’s YouTube channel on Oct. 7, the offensive lineman, formerly known as George Grimwade, “shares his story of why he is changing his name to Musto, his stepfather’s last name,” according to the video description.

“My name is formerly known as George Grimwade. But now it’s George Grimwade Musto,” the college athlete said in the video.

“I decided to change my last name because my stepdad — which sounds weird calling him my stepdad, because he’s always been my dad to me — he doesn’t have anyone to carry on his last name. And he raised me ever since I was in second grade.”

Grimwade Musto said he went to court on Sept. 26 to legally change his last name, but didn’t receive the signed papers from the judge until Oct. 1.

“I love you so much and you really do mean the world to me,” Grimwade Musto said in the video, referring to his father.

“Without you, I don’t know who I am nor do I know where I’m at.”

“You and mom are the reason why I’m together and I’m so happy that I can take on that last name with mom and to really feel like I’ve become one with that family.”

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The college athlete was able to surprise his stepdad while his family was visiting for the Alabama-based university’s Family Weekend.

In a heartwarming moment, Grimwade Musto walked up to his stepdad and said, “You know how much I love you, right? How I always treasure the time I have with you? And how you’re my world?

“I got my last name changed,” he continued before turning around.

“I’m now George Grimwade Musto. Look at my jersey.”

Not only was his name legally changed, but Grimwade Musto also had the athletic department to change the last name on his jersey.

Tears welled up in his stepfather’s eyes as he took in the reality of the incredible gesture.

Grimwade Musto said he hopes he will live up to the name and that his future children carry it on as well.

“I just want his legacy to live on forever,” he said. “I don’t want it to end with him.”

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