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By Tristan Morehouse

The travel industry has come under a lot of pressure in recent years. As fuel prices rise and the environmental impact of air travel becomes more blatant, the airline has needed to find other ways to cut back costs and to get more from their passengers. First, they started charging baggage fees, which was unheard of at the time but has since become a standard inconvenience that travelers have come to expect – but this new change in economy class may shock you far too much to believe.

Italian airline seat manufacturer conducted an interview with CNBC’s Make It and revealed that they are working on a prototype that will revolutionize economy “seating” on airplanes. Not only will airlines be able to stuff many more passengers on board, but these new “seats” will also be better for people at risk of forming blood clots.

What then is unique about these new Italian airline seats? They’re not seats at all. The so-called “standing seats” force low-paying travelers to remain standing for the duration of the flight. Unless you’re capable of shelling out thousands of dollars for first class seats on your next plane ride, you may be forced to eke out the entire duration of the flight in one of these “innovative” “standing seats” that may be hitting airlines near you very soon.

The SkyRider 2.0 has a back like a regular airplane seat, but instead of offering passengers a comfortable cushion, it gives them a bicycle-style seat to park their rear on to. For anyone who has ever ridden a bicycle, you know how uncomfortable those seats can be.

Because airlines will be able to pack more riders onto planes, the “ultra-high density” will make them a lot more money at the cost of your satisfaction and convenience. Additionally, flights will be a lot more dangerous because there will be a lot more people on the planes all vying to exit in the case of an emergency.

Airlines have been trying to install standing seats in their planes for a decade. However, manufacturers have failed to find a safe way to do them – until this Italian company figured out the design you see here.

Standing seats in planes first made its way into the headlines when Irish airline Ryanair asked Boeing to create standing seats in their planes. But Boeing was unable to do it. It wasn’t long before the idea was picked up around the globe, including in Australia and China. But it is not yet in use.

Some people believe that the SkyRider 2.0 design will never make it past the prototype phase. Because there are a lot of safety concerns when it comes to standing seats on planes, they would really need to rethink how other people have designed them if they’re going to do something unique that will forever ruin air travel for everyone who is intent on getting a good deal.

With air travel being already such a horrible experience, standing seats would likely make it all the worse for everyone involved.

What do you think about these “innovative” airplane seats?

Source: Awm

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