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When a young robber heard that an 81-year-old man lived alone, he decided this guy would make an easy target. He devised a quick plan and then broke into the elderly man’s home looking to make an easy score. However, little did the robber know, but the 81-year-old was not about to hand over his possessions without a fight, and instead of rolling over and playing dead as the young man hoped he would, the elderly grandpa took out his gun and started firing back.

Buddy Cates, 81, from Genoa, Arkansas is tired of being picked o because of his age. This incident occurred while Buddy was taking his trash out for pickup. 18-year-old Shemar Harris pulled a firearm on him and demanded that Buddy hand over everything he had in his possession.

However, Buddy proved that despite being a senior, he knew his rights – his second amendment rights. Harris picked the wrong senior to mess with because Buddy promptly drew his own handgun and opened fire on the armed robber.

It was a good old fashioned shootout. Harris blew bullets toward Buddy, and Buddy fired right back. Bullet for bullet. Gun for gun. However, Harris was no match for Buddy. While Harris unloaded his clip, it was Buddy who had trained for this moment, taking time to go to the range and improve his accuracy with a handgun. He wasn’t in it for the glory – he was just trying to protect his property and his life.

In the end, Buddy landed a few shots. Harris would later pass away from the gunshot wounds while being treated at the Texarkana hospital.

Station KSLA 12 reported on the incident. They interviewed Buddy who told reporters that he pulled his gun on Harris because he was trying to rob him.

“Whoever got the biggest gun and fastest will be boss when it is all said and done,” Buddy told reporters. “In this case, it was me.”

Buddy has been a frequent target of robberies leading up to this incident. He told reporters that he was robbed at least half a dozen times over the last ten months. Instead of picking up and moving to a safer neighborhood, he strapped up and leaned on his second amendment rights.

Sheriff’s Deputies verified that Buddy had called them reporting robberies for months. They had yet to find any suspects.

This incident occurred at 1:30 pm.

“I walked outside the door, and he was standing right there with a big pistol,” Buddy told the eager reporters. “I had my hand in my pocket on my pistol, and the battle was on.”

Authorities verified Buddy’s story, indicating that multiple shots were fired. Buddy believes that there was a total of six to eight shots fired in all between both himself and Harris.

Although Harris later died from the gunshots, sheriff’s detectives interviewed Buddy and decided not to charge him with anything. They decided this was a clear-cut case of self-defense.

What do you think about the facts of this shooting case?

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