11-month-old boy left fighting for his life after what mom did to him – Stories

By Opposingviews

While trying to give her infant a bath, a new mother made a terrible mistake. She brought a bucket of boiling water along with her and accidentally left it too close to the tub. Because she uses the boiling water to warm the water in the tub, she always kept a fresh bucket near so her 11-month-old would not get cold, but this time the baby fell into the bucket of boiling water and burned 80 percent of his skin.

The mother cannot believe the mistake. She is horrified. Her precious baby fell into the bucket of boiling water and has not been the same ever since. The little boy’s name is Daniil Chernenko, and now doctors are working to save his life, which hangs in the balance.

The incident occurred in a small village called Salhany, which is located in southern Ukraine. His mother, Tetyana Chernenko (pictured above), was planning to give little Daniil a bath when the horrific accident occurred.

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